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We engage within the logistics industry and focus on partnerships with universities and companies.

Our network

Associations, companies
and universities

AEB: Software for logistics and foreign trade

AEB's software supports the logistics and foreign trade processes of over 5,500 companies in more than 80 countries. The portfolio includes solutions for shipping, transport and warehouse management, customs management and export control.

SHComputersysteme GmbH

Together with SHComputersysteme GmbH, we have created a standardised interface / integration between the ERP system SHCware and our warehouse management solution SuPCIS-L8. This enables SHC customers to implement SuPCIS-L8 within a very short time.

sys-pro GmbH

Together with sys-pro GmbH, we implement automation projects with RFID technology in various industries such as fashion, pharmaceuticals and logistics services.


The wearable barcode scanners from ProGlove enable staff to do more with less. We have had a Gold Partnership with ProGlove since 2019. As a certified partner, we can offer you the entire product portfolio.


We have been in partnership with Oracle for decades. We advise you on the right licensing of our solution.


As a highly qualified and certified partner, help you maximise your productivity, efficiency and accuracy when using mobile scanner solutions, MDEs, printers, tablets.... and offer you the full Honeywell range.

Fraunhofer IML
Warehouse Logistics

As a participant and advisory board, we are firmly rooted in the "warehouse logistics" platform. The platform is supported by an interdisciplinary team from the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML.
The aim of the platform is to bring together customers and suppliers of warehouse management systems (WMS), for example, in a way that meets their requirements and to support them in an advisory capacity during the selection and introduction process of a WMS.

Working Group for Supply Chain Services

Together with the Fraunhofer IIS working group for Supply Chain Services, we research issues related to artificial intelligence in intralogistics. The working group for supply chain services optimizes organizations, their processes, business models and strategies by combining economic methods and technological solutions with mathematical methods and models.

Network BW

The Intralogistics Network is an association of companies and public higher education institutions with the aim of facilitating knowledge and technology transfer, promoting science and research in intralogistics, and supporting education and training in the industry.

Federal Logistics Association

We are a member of the German Logistics Association, whose core objective is to communicate the importance of supply chain management and logistics - as well as to promote their application and development. In addition to the regional events, we also take part in the BVL Congress in Berlin and have been presenting our company there for many years.

German Engineering Federation

As a logistics company, we are also traditionally associated with mechanical and plant engineering. The Association for Materials Handling and Intralogistics represents the interests of German and European manufacturers in the areas of automated guided vehicles, industrial trucks, cranes, warehouse technology and continuous conveyors.

Association of German Engineers

Our employees are committed to the VDI. For more than 165 years, the VDI has been providing important impulses for new technologies and technical solutions. S&P presents its solutions at VDI events, such as the German Material Flow Congress in Munich.

Nanchang (China)

We maintain good relations and a lively exchange with the University of Nanchang (China). As part of our cooperation, the S&P management has already held lectures as guest lecturer in the field of logistics and transport and Chinese students were able to complete internships at S&P.