Warehouse Management Solutions

SuPCIS-L8 warehouse management software

Our warehouse management platform SuPCIS-L8 is a flexible, powerful and customizable solution. It solves demanding logistics tasks of any size and at all levels of automation.

SuPCIS-L8 warehouse management software at a picking station in the warehouse


Warehouse management
with SuPCIS-L8

SuPCIS-L8 is more than just a warehouse management software as you know it from the common ERP and merchandise management systems.

We have developed the platform specifically to support and control the processes in warehouse logistics systems. It is the core of our range of services. Thanks to our warehouse management software, processes can be organized digitally, automated, flexibly and transparently. You can use it to manage inventories, trigger automatic replenishments, map mobile multi-stage picking processes, reduce transit times, control packing stations and confirm loading - to name just a few functions.

The warehouse management solution SuPCIS-L8 supports you in all tasks and challenges in distribution and production supply. The platform is supplemented by individual solution modules and services around the topics of automation and warehouse performance.

Simply explained: SuPCIS-L8 contains everything you need for the optimal design of the processes in your intralogistics.

Based on our modules we realize intralogistics IT solutions of any size. From standard implementation in a few weeks to highly individualized large-scale projects. A proven, stable and high-performance platform that grows effortlessly with your logistics.

Container storage, automatic small parts storage

Software technology

Reliable, scalable
and efficient

The SuPCIS-L8 client is developed with a highly efficient Java framework. This provides the individual application functions with an excellent basis in terms of user convenience, stability and performance.

An integrated component repository monitors the common features of the application functions. The warehouse management software is structured, modular and complies with the rules of software engineering.

Our smart client architecture enables automatic installation and updating of new versions. The convenient operation and database-supported configuration of the dialogs offer almost unlimited possibilities at stationary and mobile workstations.

The SuPCIS-L8 warehouse management software offers long-term investment protection through a modern architecture.

SuPCIS-L8 Backend Programming

Software technology

Scalability of the
backend service

The frontend accesses the services of the backend processes via the network. These are scalable and can be duplicated when performance requirements increase.

A dispatcher receives the requests from the various end devices and distributes them to the assigned services. Due to the comparatively low performance requirements on the server, systems with many 100 users on cost-effective 2-CPU servers are also possible. Operation can take place on your own hardware, in your virtual infrastructure or in the public cloud.


Advantages of the platform
at a glance

For the development of our warehouse management software we use modern development environments. We attach great importance to (automated) testability of the software and high quality. The goal is to continuously improve the warehouse management platform and to provide these optimizations to our long-term customers as well.

Our holistic solution and service concept is the basis for decades of successful partnership.

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Transparent cost model

Our simple cost model means that investment and operating costs remain transparent and plannable for you.

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Short commissioning times

We can realize short commissioning times by parameterizing and configuring the warehouse management software SuPCIS-L8
to your requirements.

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Service and support

Our service concept is based on common standards and supports you with defined service level agreements in the event of problems. Automated reports guarantee you the greatest possible transparency.

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Storage Strategies & Data Science

The warehouse management system processes hundreds of thousands of data every day. This data provides conclusions about optimization potential and forms the basis for adapted or new warehouse strategies.

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Through the Material Flow Controller (SuPCIS-MFC), we can connect existing or new warehouse and conveyor technology, independent of the manufacturer and fully integrated into our platform.

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Continuous further development

Through our collaboration model, we continuously develop new and innovative solutions with our customers. In this way, we fully cover future intralogistics requirements.

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On-prem or in the cloud

Our warehouse management solution SuPCIS-L8 runs both in our own infrastructure and in the cloud. We also integrate into existing virtualisation environments.

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Modern architecture  

SuPCIS-L8 offers long-term investment protection through modern architecture.

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Simple user interface

Thanks to the uniform user interface across all end devices, SuPCIS-L8 offers all warehouse employees the same operating principle; from the mobile device to the dashboard on the large screen.

SuPCIS-L8 on different devices such as smartphone, MDE, computer

Fit for the future

Extensible and scalable

Due to the continuous further development of our platform, you benefit from updates and the latest developments. We make new functions, strategies or modules available via the platform and configure them in the customer system. In addition, our S&P development team can draw on a huge library of proven detailed solutions.

Thanks to our collaboration model and close cooperation with our customers, we regularly discuss new requirements and implement them after a detailed analysis phase.

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SuPCIS-L8 supports
all areas of logistics

Whether goods receipt, quality assurance, repacking with storage preparation, putaway, order management, replenishment control, picking, order combination, packing, dispatch control or inventory, with SuPCIS-L8 no intralogistic task remains unsolved. Below you will find an excerpt of the functional scope.

This information is not enough for you? Then please contact us. We will send you detailed information by e-mail or talk about your requirements on the phone.

Request information material

Functional areas

Even more possibilities

These functional areas are managed, controlled and recorded via our SuPCIS-L8 platform.

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Warehouse management

Modern, future-proof and scalable warehouse management software for intralogistics.

Icon of a forklift truck

Forklift guidance system

Control and optimise transports of industrial trucks.

Icon of a diagram

Logistics control centre

Measure, evaluate and improve performance. Cockpits and dashboards bring transparency to the warehouse.

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Material Flow Controller

Control automatic storage and conveying technology independent of manufacturer with our Material Flow Controller SuPCIS-MFC.

Icons of a barcode scanner

Paperless picking

Support the entire warehouse processing by means of mobile data terminals and scanners.

Icon of a Google Glass


Speech technologies, visual displays or scanning solutions - the ideal solution for every application.

Functional areas

Safety and transparency
throughout the process

We map all warehouse processes from goods receipt to goods issue as well as our value-added services using our solution.

For detailed information, please contact us.

Incoming goods

Notification, collection, deconsolidation, quality inspection, storage, cross-docking

Internal processes

Stock transfer, replenishment, transfer posting, inventory, monitoring, reorganisation

Outgoing goods

Order control, picking, consolidation, packing, dispatch, notification

Special functions

Automation, Production, Clients & Locations, Returns, Tracking, Warehouse Intelligence

SuPCIS-L8 on different devices such as smartphone, MDE, computer

Integration possibilities

Easy integration
into existing systems
thanks to standardised interfaces

Learn more
Realised interfaces ERP / HOST

On-premises in the cloud and with existing integrations in over 50 ERP systems, our warehouse management software can be seamlessly integrated into IT architectures. We also integrate modern hardware components and automation solutions into your warehouse operations.

Common ERP systems have more or less powerful warehouse management modules, but these are usually not enough for our demanding customers. A dedicated system is needed to cover all the requirements and special cases that are commonplace in intralogistics. The real-time capability as well as the transaction frequency of the dialog steps in mobile processes also speak for the use of warehouse management software specifically developed for the business processes of intralogistics.

We have connected over 50 different ERP systems via standardized or certified interfaces:

  1. SAP
    (SAP ERP Central Component)
  2. SAP S/4 HANA
  3. Microsoft Navision Microsoft AX
  4. Microsoft XAL
  5. SHCware
  6. eNVenta (Nissen&Velten)
  7. Baan
  8. SoftM
  9. Movex (Intentia)
  10. Comet
  1. ABAS
  2. EKS
  3. Foss
  4. Hightex
  5. TS Steel
  6. Sage KHK
  7. SQL Business
  8. Swing
  9. ProAlpha
  10. 3Tec
  11. and much more.
SuPCIS-L8 can also be linked to other software systems: for example, shipping systems such as AEB, Pitney Bowes, CS5, Paketpartner.de, Bizerba or Perform and
CEP service providers such as UPS (WorldShip), DHL (EasyLog) or Post.at (EasyPack).

Load space planning systems, EDI converters, quality management, production control, statistical inventory procedures (Stasam, INVENT XPERT) and route planning systems can also be connected.

Warehouse management with SuPCIS-L8

With our warehouse management solution SuPCIS-L8, we offer you flexible, powerful and customizable modules for use in demanding logistics environments of any size and at all levels of automation.

SuPCIS-L8 on a tabletSuPCIS-L8 on a smartphoneSuPCIS-L8 on a laptop

Warehouse Management
with SuPCIS-L8

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Customized warehouse management and control for your products and process flows.

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Intelligent storage strategies for the automation and optimization of material flow.

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Transparency through individual and configurable dashboards for the logistics control center.

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Service and support concepts tailored to requirements.