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Parallel picking and consolidated delivery: Advantages of order consolidation with SuPCIS-L8

Here a part, there a part and somehow the picking procedure doesn't seem to run and function very efficiently: many companies nowadays have a large number of items of various sizes in their warehouse and it is not uncommon for the warehouse complex to be divided into different areas where the individual stocks are stored. In order to work efficiently and quickly, parallelization is often used. However, in many cases the picking containers and shipping packaging are already quite different - in contrast, customers want as few packages as possible. In addition, even when shipping by parcel service or freight forwarder, optimal packaging has a positive effect on the associated costs. For key customers, additional processes and additional controls are desired. A whole host of different requirements that have to be taken into account when processing orders in the warehouse.

If this challenge sounds familiar and you need support with order consolidation, order management with our SuPCIS-L8 warehouse management software is a possible solution: the full integration in SuPCIS-L8 makes it possible for certain orders to be stored in a buffer warehouse until the order is complete. The employees at the packing station also have a complete overview of this area and in this way have the possibility to monitor the movement of goods. The status of the individual orders can be viewed at any time via the SuPCIS-L8 dashboard: this means that employees can also see when orders have been completely picked. Subsequently, all parts of the order can be taken from the buffer storage and packed in as few packages as possible.

By merging orders with the SuPCIS-L8 warehouse management software, incoming orders can be processed faster in the warehouse in a timely manner, with reduced travel times and less lead time per order. This not only ensures increased efficiency when picking orders, but also provides physical relief for employees and makes warehouse processes more efficient overall.  

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