Software Developer

Stefan Glatz

From the north to the south of Germany: our software developer Stefan Glatz!

My name is Stefan Glatz and I am originally from Stade (near Hamburg). I am 36 years young and have been working as a software developer at S&P Computersysteme GmbH in Stuttgart since the beginning of March 2014. Since September 2020, I have also been supervising our trainees there. After almost seven years in software development at S&P, I have never regretted my move to southern Germany.

Following my training as an IT specialist (system integration) and my subsequent physics studies, I made a conscious decision to become a software developer. In a way, I was always drawn back to the IT sector - after all, my Master's thesis was about a computer simulation. When I was looking for an employer, I followed my heart and my current wife to Stuttgart, which ultimately led me to S&P.

"It definitely never gets boring!"

I prefer to start my working day early in the morning, when the office is still empty. With a cup of coffee and quiet music, I wake up "with the office", so to speak - this gives me enough time to get ready for the day: I get an overview of the upcoming appointments and due dates, check my emails and plan the tasks of the day. The latter are mainly related to the two major topics of the (further) development and technical design of our warehouse management software and the support of the project teams. This results in a multitude of very different tasks that go far beyond pure software development: from document printing, report creation with SQL, frontend development in Java, backend development in C, implementing interfaces, creating scripts, design meetings and bug fixing, it's all there.

When I first started at S&P, I was almost overwhelmed by the variety of topics and, even though my colleagues like to say the opposite, I had a hard time finding my way around the complex infrastructure, which I no longer want to do without. Of course, I sometimes have a job that suits me better or that motivates me more than another: it is a particular pleasure for me to be able to invest several days or even weeks at a time in the development of a new feature, but in the end it is the varied mix that excites me and makes every day at S&P so interesting.

In addition to these activities as a software developer, supervising the trainees has become an essential part of my daily work: Preparing training material, checking training certificates, code reviews and providing assistance in the daily work - all this is part of my job and a great enrichment for my daily work. Although I have always enjoyed helping or explaining, I have also experienced first-hand how important a good teacher can be for realising one's own potential. Therefore, it is a special concern of mine to support our trainees, to awaken their interest and to inspire them for new things. In doing so, it is especially important to me to take away the awe of supposedly complex topics and to strengthen their confidence in their own abilities.

Because at the end of the day, nothing is a secret - everything is written down somewhere, so that everyone would have the opportunity, if they are interested, to read up on it and understand it bit by bit. But it's not quite that easy, and not everyone is born to be a software developer. Diligence, logical thinking, the ability to analyse problems, but also communication skills are certainly qualities without which it is difficult to get by. You should also be open to change and be prepared to move with the times: new tools, programming languages and methods are constantly establishing themselves in the industry that make it possible to develop more robust software faster, reduce complexity or organise work better. Of course, you don't have to follow every new trend immediately, but you shouldn't cling desperately to the past when there are objectively better solutions.

S&P Computersysteme GmbH as an employer

What excites me most at S&P is the working atmosphere and the flat hierarchies. Basically, all doors are always open: whether it's systems engineering, development, project management, marketing or management - if you have any concerns, problems or ideas, you can contact the colleague in charge directly and you will always find open ears. There is a real "we-feeling" in the teams, which is not a matter of course in a company of this size. However, this is by no means a coincidence, but is actively encouraged: For example, it is quite common for the staff to gather several times a year for joint celebrations: Folk festivals such as the Cannstatter Wasen, the "Besenzeit", wine festivals, Christmas markets, user days, trade fairs and, of course, Christmas parties are popular occasions. In between these big events, there are also a lot of spontaneous site or team-internal events such as joint barbecues or games evenings. With so many opportunities to get to know each other and have fun together, it's probably no surprise when I say that I already feel a bit at home at S&P.

Whoever belongs to one of the project teams mentioned will sooner or later also have the opportunity to take part in a commissioning and, together with other team members, spend several days on site with one of our customers to supervise the smooth ramp-up of new warehouse components or sections. For the team, this is the - hopefully crowning - conclusion of weeks or months of planning and development work. However, as far-reaching changes often have to be made during operation without disrupting ongoing operations, there is little room for error and if something does go wrong, quick action is required.

A successful commissioning is therefore always one thing in particular: a reason to celebrate! For me personally, the start-ups were always a real highlight at S&P. Everything is suddenly completely different from everyday office life, which can be very refreshing: You're in a different environment and suddenly you only have one task. You don't even have to worry about food anymore, you can get that at the hotel or in the restaurant. Of course, the working days are often long and it can be stressful at times, but you are usually not alone on site and you support each other. For me, the whole thing feels a bit like a holiday camp - with work.

#Letstalkaboutyourhobby - Stefan in his spare time.

Since, apart from the occasional trip to the coffee machine, I mainly sit in front of the computer at work, sport has become an integral part of my everyday life. After work, you can usually find me jogging in the park or swimming in the pool during my lunch break. Besides the positive effect of staying fit and agile, I enjoy the fresh air especially when jogging and use the time to think about things in peace or just to "switch off". On holiday, my wife and I go out into nature to hike and discover, whether on the cliffs of Portugal or in the Alps: the main thing is that the panorama is right. At the end of an active day, we start looking for a restaurant to end the day on a relaxed note. Back in Stuttgart, however, I am once again responsible for the meals and prefer to cook dishes from Japanese cuisine, which always causes confusion among our Japanese guests, as my wife is actually Japanese. But everyone has liked it so far - or at least they all pretended to.