Chief Technology Officer

Markus Jagiella

Markus Jagiella
Markus Jagiella

"Never stop a running boy." Our Chief Technology Officer Markus Jagiella.

My name is Markus Jagiella and I am 31 years young. I've been working for S&P at the office near Stuttgart since 2010. How did my journey at S&P begin? From intern to Chief Technology Officer - that's roughly how my career can be described. More than 10 years ago, I got to know S&P as a company through a (school) internship and learned to love software development. After I had successfully completed my A-levels, there was no way around it. I had to start at S&P with the dual study program for applied computer science. And what can I say: I then continued my career there as a trained software developer and have now been Chief Technology Officer (CTO) since February 2018.

Always creating something new together.

My working day typically starts with a morning ritual, breakfast with my son. If time allows, I also do some sport early in the morning, either with a running session or a visit to the CrossFit box. The great thing about it is that whether it's breakfast or a sports session, I've already done something great for myself at the start of the day. I then continue with this feeling throughout the rest of the day. At the office, I traditionally start by asking myself: "What's on the agenda?" This gives me an overview of the upcoming appointments and tasks. Throughout the day, it's then mainly about supporting our project teams with larger tasks. And with my colleague Micha , I coordinate strategic matters to further develop our SuPCIS-L8 software.

I've been with S&P for over 13 years now, but my work is exciting and thrilling every day. You might rightly ask how that can be. Let me put it this way: it's all in the mix.😉 Our customers are diverse and come from very different sectors - food, automotive, (technical) wholesale and textiles. This means that I'm always getting to know new requirements and challenges from different sectors and their warehouse logistics. That's what makes the whole thing so interesting. Because no two customers, projects, sectors or warehouse logistics are the same. But how could it be otherwise? Of course, everyone has a milestone or a project that they remember fondly and for a long time. For me personally, it is definitely the development and programming of today's cockpit functionality, the basic features of which are still used in all SuPCIS L8 applications. I still look back on this result today with a sparkle in my eye.

S&P as an employer 

In addition to my specialist area of responsibility, I particularly like the community of colleagues and the informal working environment. I particularly appreciate the open, uncomplicated and respectful way of working together. This not only helped me to settle in quickly years ago, but is still a positive aspect of the corporate culture today. I still absolutely love working at S&P. There are no inhibitions, you can approach any colleague openly at any time. At S&P, we always focus on the future and we always want to make a difference. This motivation, this team spirit and the responsibility to take on great tasks are also what you need for a job in software development or as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The tasks and areas of responsibility are varied, so you need to be able to work under pressure and have the ability to switch between tasks quickly and at short notice. In my opinion, a certain degree of curiosity and a certain incentive to always think outside the box round off the whole thing.

‍#Letstalkaboutyourhobby- Markus motivates during sport

Markus at the marathon
Markus at the marathon

I love to use my free time to go running regularly. I started this hobby years ago to lose some weight. For me personally, running was a nice alternative to get closer to my goal step by step. And how could it be otherwise, the unexpected often happens. Today, I have discovered one of my great passions. I would never have dreamed of it myself, but true to the motto: "Never stop a running boy!", I have now run a marathon three times. Since my son was born, running sessions have become a kind of father-son event. Together with the baby carriage, we've probably already covered over 500 km and I'm already sure that there will be a few more.

Markus preparing for the marathon

But anyone who knows me knows that I also do CrossFit (CrossFit Assault Stuttgart) in addition to my running training. In this way, I supplement my endurance with strength training. Since moving from S&P to the new modern office, I also have the opportunity to use my own S&P fitness area at any time - whether as a short break at lunchtime or to wind down after work. For me, sport is above all a balance to my working life, time to switch off and think. In addition, these hobbies give me the opportunity to recharge my batteries and have the nice side effect of keeping me fit.😊