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Map complex special processes easily: Advantages of managing cable logistics with SuPCIS-L8

Cable drums upon cable drums - as far as the eye can see. Over the years, the management of cable logistics at many companies has become a strongly grown and complex process, which in many cases is only mastered by a few employees in the warehouse. In addition, the logistics processes are heavily paper-based and in many cases largely detached from the rest of the warehouse. It is not uncommon for a lot of work to be done on demand and for little planning to be done in advance. This approach is prone to errors, increases the workload for the individual warehouse employees and increasingly reduces the transparency of the current status in the warehouse.

If this challenge sounds familiar to you and you need support in managing your cable drums, managing your cable logistics with our warehouse management software SuPCIS-L8 is a possible solution: via an interface to the ERP system, the drums are mirrored in our WMS. Both length and drum type are known to the systems and the sales department can actively influence to sell off remaining lengths. The WMS receives the information on the individual picking orders for cables via the ERP. In this way, warehouse employees are always informed about the type, length and, if necessary, the exact drum number of the required cables, can cut the desired cable length to length and prepare it directly for shipping. For the sales department, this brings additional flexibility; for logistics, the processes are simplified and require less expert knowledge as well as maximum control at the cable cut. If required, the WMS can also provide additional support in the form of automatic replenishment logic: if a cable drum on the pallet on the shelf becomes empty, this is acknowledged, the WMS initiates a replenishment order and another drum is moved to the front position. Furthermore, the WMS can also be used to control various cable cutting machines - including automatic cutting equipment integrated into the conveyor system. In this way, the WMS ensures short-term and automated stock availability at the cutting station.

Efficient special processes for a wide range of requirements

The result for the user as a result of the introduction of SuPCIS-L8: overall, the additional effort due to manual processes for managing the cable drums is reduced many times over and ensures an increased level of efficiency in the warehouse. The error rate decreases, makes the entire material flow in the warehouse more transparent and in this way creates a fully comprehensive overview of the current status in the warehouse.    

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