Meyer & Meyer

Meyer & Meyer relies on the WMS SuPCIS-L8


Meyer & Meyer is the leading specialist for fashion logistics in Europe. Through continuous development of their logistics and textile expertise, they have developed special skills that distinguish them and make them strong compared to competitors.
In Europe, they are the only textile service provider that can offer its customers the entire logistics spectrum. Their service ranges from procurement and production logistics to warehousing, preparation, quality assurance and commissioning to the ready-for-sale delivery of the goods to the retail trade. Meyer & Meyer accompanies all logistical processes with state-of-the-art technology.

New logistics centre

The cornerstone for the cooperation between Meyer and Meyer and S&P was the new construction of the Liegewaren logistics center at the Osnabrück location. With the company S&P Computersysteme GmbH, system supplier for logistics, Meyer & Meyer found a solid, innovative and also experienced partner for the warehouse management software in the field of fashion logistics. The software SuPCIS-L8 of the Stuttgart-based company controls the entire highly automated logistic processes in the logistics center, which was inaugurated in April 2008. At peak times, up to 10,000 cartons with a content of up to 200,000 items can leave the logistics center daily via seven loading gates.

About Meyer & Meyer

Anyone who wants to offer successful logistics solutions must permanently change and adapt. Meyer & Meyer devotes itself to this process with full attention. For three generations, the company has been committed to ever new logistics solutions. As one of the market-leading textile logistics experts, Meyer & Meyer looks back on a long and continuous development of its services, the cornerstone of which was laid by Adolf Maximilian Meyer in 1902 with the founding of his haulage company.
Logistics is not simply a theoretical term, a technical designation or an abstract paraphrase for Meyer & Meyer. It is their very personal interest, characterised by the unconditional will to participate in the creation of innovative solutions for the future.
Logistics is the management of connections. And Meyer & Meyer has developed unique solutions for this. Transparency and service strength characterise their concepts, which they have adapted to the needs of their customers.