Reflex launches into the future with a new high-bay warehouse and the innovative SuPCIS-L8 software

"We believe in the future of paper. Because we know its infinite potential." - Reflex stands for high-quality raw materials, traditional papermaking craftsmanship and innovative technologies: excellent fine papers have been produced from these ingredients for over 160 years at the Reflex mill in Düren. In order to be able to act as a logistics service provider for paper products from other companies in addition to its own logistics, Reflex has put an automated high-bay warehouse into operation at the Düren site.

In the course of modernising their high-bay warehouse, Reflex relies on the implementation of a new warehouse management system and has deliberately chosen the warehouse management system SuPCIS-L8 from S&P Computersysteme GmbH. The WMS SuPCIS-L8 takes over the entire control of the intralogistic processes in the Reflex distribution centre - from goods receipt or the takeover of goods from the production buffer to storage, supply and disposal of the picking zone with shipping label printing, and loading scanning. In addition, the new warehouse management system enables integration with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system, making information on order progress and the current stock situation available in real time.      

With the implementation of the WMS SuPCIS-L8, a desirable goal for many companies has become reality for Reflex: future-oriented and efficient logistics. In the process, the newly introduced warehouse management system supports and digitalises the existing processes at Reflex. The combination of a high proportion of configured standard processes with selectively applied customised solutions ensure the necessary efficiency and high user-friendliness.  

"Our custom-fit software solution maps all of Reflex's requirements and enables the paper manufacturer to react flexibly to market demands. For me, it is always a pleasure to be able to witness on site how the interaction between man and machine can be designed with software," says Bodo Nobbe, Senior Project Manager at S&P Computersysteme GmbH.

From goods receipt to loading scanning

In production, the pallets are equipped with a pallet label and barcode. In this step, the pallets are transmitted by Navision to the WMS, where seamless tracking already begins with the subsequent forklift transport. The information on the pallet is checked and reported to the packing lane, a specialised packing machine in paper production. The control of the packing lane with the different stretch programmes stored in the article master is carried out by the WMS. By means of the transport management integrated in SuPCIS-L8, transport order assignments are then initiated so that the pallets can be conveyed to the storage and retrieval machines (SRM) via the integrated conveyor technology and stored there. The 6-aisle high-bay warehouse (HRL) offers sufficient capacity for the paper manufacturer's wide range of products and large stock quantities.

Fast and efficient

The manually operated storage and functional areas are also managed by the WMS and thus seamlessly integrated into the logistics processes. In Reflex's warehouse, the goods are picked directly on a pallet that is provided with a barcode from the roll - this way, the goods do not have to be repacked afterwards. On the mobile terminals, the individual picking orders - customer-related orders as well as orders without direct customer reference - are displayed to the employees in the order of the planned processing dates and priorities. The employees can independently decide and coordinate how many picks are to be picked onto a target pallet. After the orders have been successfully processed, the pallets are labelled and then either assigned to the packing line as goods with a customer reference, or transported to the high-bay warehouse as stock goods without a customer reference for storage, or stored directly in a block warehouse that is also managed and serves as a dispatch buffer. Here, too, SuPCIS-L8 optimises the processes and provides the employee with the target storage location.

The WMS provides support through automatic replenishment logic. Stocks for picking are automatically requested from the high-bay warehouse and block warehouse to the picking area via replenishment orders. Here, too, the storage location search for storage in the picking area is carried out automatically by the WMS. In addition, SuPCIS-L8 offers the paper manufacturer important inventory and analysis options in order to have a complete and real-time updated overview of the stocks. The strategies and statistical evaluations in the warehouse are used to be able to optimise the logistical processes in the long term as well.

With flexibility and new business fields towards the future

The SuPCIS-L8 software solution from S&P Computersysteme GmbH enables increased efficiency, performance and flexibility of the logistics processes in Reflex's warehouse. Furthermore, by means of multi-client capability of the new WMS, the logistics of a partner company could already be implemented by means of standardised SAP integration, which greatly optimises utilisation. "With the modernisation of our high-bay warehouse and the implementation of the SuPCIS-L8 warehouse management software, we have found a system that knows how to manage our logistics in the long term and represents an essential building block for the future viability of Reflex. The cooperation between the companies involved went smoothly. Thanks to the seamless integration of SuPCIS-L8 into our existing system landscape, our logistics are ideally positioned to meet our customers' requirements in the future as well," says Carsten Gösch, Head of Logistics at Reflex.

At this point, we would also like to emphasise the professional planning and support of the project by Norbert Schröter, who was responsible for the project at the time. We thank him for the cooperative partnership and great teamwork!

To the S&P Computersysteme GmbH:

S&P Computersysteme GmbH has been creating host computer solutions in the field of internal logistics since 1985. From planning to commissioning, solutions at all levels of automation have been realised in around 150 projects, from document-controlled manual warehouses and forklift warehouses with mobile data collection to very complex fully automated logistics centres. S&P serves satisfied customers at home and abroad from a wide range of sectors in industry and commerce, from medium-sized businesses to large corporations, who rely on reliable service around the clock, 365 days a year. As a partner of Lenovo (servers), Oracle (databases), Zebra (AutoID: mobile computers and printers) and Advantech DLoG (forklift and industrial PCs), MiR (AGVs), KBS (pick-by-light), S&P supplies all components of information logistics as a general contractor on request.