Logistics and production efficiently combined: S&P optimises warehouse strategy at JÄGER DIREKT

The owner-managed German specialist for electrotechnical solutions JÄGER DIREKT has placed its full trust in the implementation of the warehouse management software SuPCIS-L8 from S&P Computersysteme GmbH at its electrical factory in Heppenheim. The warehouse complex at the Heppenheim site has combined the areas of logistics and production since it opened in summer 2016. By combining these two areas and implementing an efficient and automated logistics strategy, JÄGER DIREKT has since been able to react even faster to customer requests and reduce delivery times as best as possible.

True to the motto: "Inspiring people together with heart and soul". JÄGER DIREKT has set itself the goal of growing steadily through and with the success of its customers. The warehouse complex offers sufficient space for the wide range of products - from the produced quality brands OPUS® switch ranges and Smart Home, DELUNA® recessed spotlights, VOTHA® wall-mounted distributors to JUMBO® cable drums and SIROX® mobile power supply. This range is completed by many other trade goods from renowned manufacturers.

In order to be able to meet the constant challenges in the long term, the two project partners have focused on smooth and efficient processes in the warehouse: for goods receipt, picking and production supply right through to dispatch. "In our search for a suitable project partner, it was quickly decided that we would choose S&P Computersysteme GmbH and the flexible WMS SuPCIS-L8. Already at the beginning of the joint project it became clear that our requirements for the logistical processes would be implemented in the best possible way and that we can also rely on further growth in the future due to the flexibility of the solution," Jochen Schirmer, logistics manager at JÄGER DIREKT, continues.

For the conception and realisation of the plant, JÄGER DIREKT placed its trust in the planning office Maier Intraplan GmbH and was thus able to draw on the experience and expertise of Mr. Hans-Joachim Maier (Maier Intraplan GmbH).

Efficient material flow in the warehouse
The powerful SuPCIS-L8 warehouse management software controls and manages all logistical processes. In addition, the integration of the WMS with the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables information on order progress and the current stock situation to be made available in real time. In order to make the best possible use of the existing potential in terms of transparency, efficiency and benefits in the warehouse, Jäger Direkt also deliberately opted for automation: thanks to the seamless interaction of the WMS SuPCIS-L8 and MFC with the system controls of GEBHARDT Fördertechnik GmbH, the electrical wholesaler benefits here from a customised and efficient material flow. The responsible project manager Gerd Müller (Senior Project Manager, S&P Computersysteme GmbH) continues: "Due to the fact that this is a new building, it was, as they say, a greenfield planning. Working together as partners, we were able to meet the individual requirements of logistics and production in the best possible way and plan the logistical processes. Because connecting these two areas also means taking into account the interlocking processes in the system and integrating them into the overall process in the best possible way."

Fast and transparent logistics processes
The numerous deliveries, such as finished goods from production, external supplier orders and customer returns, arrive at JÄGER DIREKT via the goods receiving area, where they are separated by the employees and determined in which storage area the goods are to be stored. Incoming orders and order data are permanently transferred to the WMS. Customer orders are recorded in the system and transmitted to the WMS in the form of a picking slip without an availability check and created there as a picking order.
At Jäger, totes, pallets and cartons are used for picking goods. In the shelf storage, picking is path-optimised, in totes and with the use of picking trolleys. After completion of the picking process, the totes are delivered to the conveyor system. If further picks are open for the respective order, another transfer order is created with the remaining target stations to be approached in the picking carousel. The software decides at which destination station the totes can be discharged next. If the tote has been completed, a transport of the totes is generated either to the outgoing goods buffer or directly to one of the ten packing stations. In the pallet warehouse, picking for general cargo takes place. The provision of the goods is carried out here in the general cargo shipping area and provided in an order-related manner in a storage location in the shipping area for general cargo.

Smooth processes in production
For an efficient logistics strategy, the in-house production of WERK28 GmbH, a subsidiary of JÄGER DIREKT, was consequently integrated into the logistics process at the Heppenheim site. In addition to stock goods, customer-related products are also produced in this production area: At JÄGER DIREKT (WERK28), customer-related means here that the individual devices, modules and assemblies are prefabricated in the factory specifically for the customer's requirements so that they can install the product directly. In order to achieve the best possible supply to production at this point for the manufacture of the goods, the provision of materials for production is supported by the WMS SuPCIS-L8. Information is also exchanged via the interface between the WMS and the ERP system, thus creating a transparent and up-to-date overview of the stock situation in the warehouse and production.

Before the production material can be processed further, it is received in goods receipt and buffered as stock in the warehouse and stored in the WMS as data. If production requires material, the material provision from the warehouse is triggered via a production order from the ERP system. The required goods are reserved by the warehouse management system "SuPCIS-L8" after scheduling and sequence formation, picked by the employees and made available at the production workstations. The goods coming from production are then recorded in the WMS via an advice note.
Depending on whether it is customer-related goods or a larger quantity of stock goods has been produced, the goods are processed accordingly in the warehouse.
Dashboards and cockpits on large screens in the warehouse and production areas help to integrate people into the largely digitalised and automated processes.

Continuous growth means breaking new ground
The move to the new warehouse complex at the Heppenheim site and the introduction of the SuPCIS-L8 warehouse management software from S&P Computersysteme GmbH represent a successful overall solution for the company. Thanks to the flexibility, scalability and available interfaces of the warehouse management software, the company will continue to be able to expand its warehouse logistics in the future and respond satisfactorily to the wishes of its customers.