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Project report Logistics & mohr

The project

In order to meet its own requirements and the increasing demands of the market in the future, Logistics&mohr decided to introduce a warehouse management system. In addition to the technical possibilities such as multi-warehouse and multi-client capability, it was of course particularly important to have a good price/performance ratio with the simultaneous possibility of customisation. Due to the tight deadline, a mature system had to be found.

The standardised entry package SuPCIS-L EntrySystem is directly tailored to medium-sized businesses and already contains all the necessary functions to support and optimise logistics processes.

To increase the level of service for Logistics&mohr's customers, access to the WMS via the Internet was created in addition to the mapping of internal logistics. The clients can query both the stocks and the status of the orders via the web. New orders can also be entered directly by the clients' field staff. Double or even incorrect data entry due to transmission errors is now a thing of the past. Telephone information only has to be provided in exceptional cases. This enables efficient and cost-effective processing. The customers are also very happy about the transparency they have gained. Logistics and Mohr now also offers this service to its customers in English-speaking countries.

Via a file transfer standard interface as well as an EDIFACT interface, orders, article masters and purchase orders can also be transferred directly from the customer systems.

The use of barcodes speeds up processing and reduces the error rate. Furthermore, the new system ensures the desired transparency of the daily processes and the upcoming work volume.
The accounting of the work carried out is based on the inventory movement data automatically recorded and exported in the system.
The logistics managers are supported in routine tasks. Among other things, replenishments from the reserve bins to the picking bins can be triggered automatically after the stock falls below minimum stock limits.
The complete solution was implemented, trained and the operation converted to the new processes within only six weeks after the order was placed.

The application software

  • Notification of goods receipt data from HOST
  • Storage preparation with repacking
  • Storage location determination for chaotic, fixed location or zoned storage
  • Printing of accompanying documents
  • Inventory management by client, plant, part number, container, batch, QP status
  • Transmission of delivery note data from HOST
  • Manual and automatic stock reservation according to strategies
  • Route-optimised order picking
  • Bypass treatment
  • Printing of delivery notes and address labels
  • Inventory processing
  • Operations management functions
  • Configuration functions
  • Extensive information system incl. stock movement history

About Logistics & mohr

The logistics service provider Logistics&mohr, which was only founded in June 2001, successfully operates a logistics and service centre with more than 9,500 m2 at the Hattersheim site. As part of an outsourcing project for a large food company, for example, Logistics& mohr took over the complete advertising material and promotion logistics.
There are approx. 2000 pallet spaces (CCG2) in rack warehouses, 3000 pallet spaces (CCG1) in block warehouses and 400 individual rack spaces for non-palletised small quantities. Pallet shipments can be made nationwide with a delivery rhythm of 24-48 hours. In addition to postal parcels, deliveries within a radius of 150 km can also be made with our own delivery vehicles.