Good Time Holding

Benjamin Blümchen in Distribution

S&P Computersysteme GmbH was commissioned by the general contractor for the automatic warehouse technology to realise the application software for the warehouse management computer. The SuPCIS system was used, whose standardised core functionality was supplemented with customer-specific requirements.

The following organisational systems are managed in the Good Time Holding warehouse:

  • Incoming goods
  • Storage preparation
  • Automatic high-bay warehouse as replenishment warehouse and for the removal of large quantities with 9,500 pallet spaces, 9 aisles with 2 SRMs with transfer bridges.
  • Manually operated flow-through warehouse as picking warehouse (6 racks with a total of 3,000 flow-through channels, and a capacity of 5,000 picks/shift)
  • Manually operated special bearings
  • automatic conveying technology
  • Order combination

From a data processing point of view, the warehouse management computer is embedded in the following hierarchy:

Corporate and operational control level: COMET on SIEMENS RM400 under SINIX
System control level: Warehouse management computer with SuPCIS-L
Plant and process level: SIEMENS SMP material flow computer for control and management of the stacker cranes and automatic conveyor technology

About Good Time Holding

Kiddinx Entertainment GmbH (own spelling: KIDDINX) is a German distribution and marketing company for radio plays, music, animated films and software for children. The best-known brands are the radio play series Bibi Blocksberg and Benjamin Blümchen.

Kiddinx is a subsidiary of Good Time Holding GmbH. With more than 150 million audio plays, DVDs, computer and console games sold, Kiddinx is the largest supplier of entertainment media for children in Germany.

Due to increasing sales, the consolidation of the entire logistics of Good TIme Holding and to optimise the logistical processes in shipping, a new distribution centre was built in Groß-Kienitz/Brandenburg.

The application software

  • Notification of order data from HOST
  • Incoming goods inspection with order reconciliation
  • Preparation for storage, with repacking if necessary
  • Transport specification for the conveyor system
  • Storage location determination for chaotic storage in high-bay warehouses or fat storage in order-picking warehouses
  • Inventory management by item number, ownership, origin
  • Transmission of delivery note data from HOST
  • Manual, automatic stock reservation according to strategies
  • Whole carton picking in the high-bay warehouse; piece picking in the picking warehouse
  • Plausibility check of the carton picking through automatic weighing
  • Picking in the picking warehouse using route-optimised pick lists
  • Minimum stock monitoring in the picking warehouse with automatic replenishment from the high-bay warehouse
  • Bypass treatment
  • Document creation for order combination and packaging
  • Permanent inventory in the automatic warehouse
  • Creation of goods inwards notifications or delivery notes as an emergency operation
  • Operations management functions
  • Extensive statistics and information system

The hardware and system software

BM RS/6000 with AIX operating system and Oracle Server database.

8 PCs are connected as workstations via a TCP/IP network.

The HOST connection is realised via TCP/IP as file transfer (FTP) - the data exchange takes place in short cycles. The connection to the subordinate control is a serial coupling via 3964R.