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Warehouse Performance: Uncovering and exploiting hidden potential through the consistent use of data! (Part 1/4)

"Warehouse Performance? Let's just start like this: every warehouse - large or small, manual or automated - performs "some" way. Now, the point here is not to evaluate the performance of your warehouse - rather, we would like to show you the possibilities to improve it. So the overarching question is: "In what ways do I manage to change the picking process so that it measurably improves?" From our point of view as a WMS provider, we can of course only talk here about those possibilities where warehouse management software can support in order to increase efficiency in the warehouse in the best possible way!

Especially in large storage facilities with several levels, aisles, storage spaces and lots of articles, companies repeatedly waste far too much potential. To put it bluntly: If you reserve order after order arbitrarily or run solely in the order of order entry or priority, you lose efficiency. So the motto is: don't run faster, but store, plan and pick more efficiently for the best possible performance in the warehouse! But what needs to be improved or, in other words, what is the best way to start? From our point of view, there are basically 3 possible phases for optimisation under the keyword "warehouse performance":

  1. Optimisation of stock reservation
  2. Optimisation of batch planning
  3. Application of the "Warehouse Healing" strategy

The result: shorter delivery times, increased customer satisfaction and, above all, increased efficiency in the warehouse.

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