Features and innovations

"Typical" requirements of logistics service providers - 3PL customers particularly appreciate these module modules in SuPCIS-L8!

Serving a large number of very different clients with varying and sometimes very different requirements reliably and competently - probably one of the greatest challenges as a logistics service provider. Thus, customer orientation and flexibility have top priority in this industry. However, in order to be able to process the individual orders quickly and to optimally satisfy the entirety of clients, the best possible coordinated logistics processes are required. Every customer is different - every warehouse has different conditions, but we have summarised those processes that are "typical" for our customers in the logistics services sector and that they particularly appreciate in the SuPCIS-L8 warehouse management software: a process of warehouse money settlement integrated in SuPCIS-L8, the possibility to add further clients promptly as well as a clear management of all data in the warehouse.

Smooth processes and individual expectations
Maximum customer satisfaction, flawless processes and fast response and delivery times - all this is offered by the use of our SuPCIS-L8 warehouse management software, so that you can remain successful as a logistics service provider in the future. A significant advantage of our SuPCIS-L8 warehouse management software is its flexibility, scalability and variety of module components: if required, it is possible to add further clients and associated information to the system and to make them productive within a very short time. The individual information fields in SuPCIS-L8 can be configured according to individual requirements and wishes, thus creating a transparent overview of all data in the warehouse. Thanks to the flexible interfaces, the solution can also be connected to different ERP systems. The result: the availability of data and stocks updated in real time without additional work for the warehouse staff.

Security and transparency through direct bookings of logistical services
Another requirement that is characteristic of the industry is service invoicing, which is used when logistics services provided for customers are to be invoiced. With regard to the processing in our WMS, the storage invoicing is carried out separately for each customer and for configurable periods of time. Among other things, the warehouse movement and the occupied storage bins are evaluated here, but also components such as the actually occupied storage bins. In this way, the user always has a complete and up-to-date status of the individual order data of his clients to be billed, which is indispensable for regular billing and invoicing.
As a service provider, you have to at least meet the customer's expectations, but better still exceed them. Does a truck arrive on the announced date? Was the load packed as agreed? Have the goods been received within the agreed time frame and are they available for picking? Have quality checks been carried out on time? To prove this or to comment on and justify deviations is possible with the monitoring and documentation of defined KPIs within the intended process chains. In order to process complaints professionally, document them and investigate the causes, SuPCIS-L8 offers modules and additional Excel or manually managed lists are a thing of the past.
New customers, new requirements. For a textile manufacturer, for example, it is normal that different sizes of an article should end up in the same shipping box if possible. But as a service provider you have so far only specialised in specific sectors? Good, if business is good there. But what happens when you have to enter unfamiliar territory and have no industry experience there and your software cannot manage sizes, batches, serial numbers, etc.? Your customers are growing and expect automation from you?

Efficient, transparent and scalable: warehouse management with SuPCIS-L8. Industry-typical processes in the standard, efficient processing and a transparent overview of the material flow enable future-proof warehouse management. In manual or automated processes. Be in a position to meet increasing customer expectations at any time, minimise the error rate for maximum delivery quality and be able to expand your software solution with additional tools without great effort. How does this work? With our experience and the WMS SuPCIS-L8!

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