Features and innovations

These module components of SuPCIS-L8 are especially appreciated by our customers from the manufacturing industry!

Large open-space warehouses that need to be well organised, the logistical handling of material supply and disposal from production in the warehouse or a complete and transparent overview of the material flow of the goods - all this requires special and reliable handling, especially for companies that are active in the manufacturing industry. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to some "typical" processes that our customers from the manufacturing industry particularly appreciate in the SuPCIS-L8 warehouse management software: the production supply and disposal, the traceability of batches and the possibility of integrating innovative tugger train solutions.

Successfully mastering production supply and disposal

The production of semi-finished and finished goods usually requires various (raw) materials that, depending on the company and its organisation, are provided to the production process in different ways for further processing. In order to achieve an optimal and efficient supply of the production at this point, the material provision can be supported by our flexible and powerful WMS SuPCIS-L8. The exchange of information takes place via an interface between the WMS and the ERP system and thus creates an important prerequisite: the networking of the material flows in the warehouse.

In this context, it often makes sense to integrate deviating replenishment strategies or processes of material provision for production via SuPCIS-L8, e.g. provision in fixed replenishment batches by means of integrated KANBAN processes with mobile data collection. Unnecessary waiting times in production can thus be avoided in a supportive manner and the processes kept running.

Transparent, efficient and innovative on the move

The traceability of batches is also an important part of intralogistical production processes for manufacturing companies. The functional support of batch management with our SuPCIS-L8 warehouse management software makes it possible to keep the supply chain of the products as transparent as possible and to be able to trace them seamlessly in this way. The information and numbers stored in the warehouse management system subsequently enable precise allocation to the entire batch. In addition, it is also possible to manage different master data such as packaging dimensions or number of parts per packaging unit per batch by clever use of the SuPCIS L8 data model.

Furthermore, it is possible to supplement the logistical processes with innovative tugger train solutions, coupled with a tugger train management system integrated in SuPCIS-L8 or automated guided vehicles (AGVs). The available interfaces of SuPCIS-L8 make it possible to connect a wide variety of systems with little effort, to integrate them into the material flow and to make the entire process lean and automated. At the same time, the system solution can be expanded with additional features and supplementary processes at any time.

The result: greater security of supply for production, shorter throughput times, increased cost-effectiveness and the associated competitiveness. Added to this is a complete and transparent overview of the material flow in the warehouse.  


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