Features and innovations

Modern warehouse management software: innovative upgrade of SuPCIS-L8 for mobile logistics

An efficient and successful warehouse management solution must also meet the high expectations of users on mobile devices: it is no longer sufficient to simply enable access to all data and information via a mobile device. The content must be visually presented in such a way that one glance is enough to quickly grasp and understand relevant information.
All these are features that are otherwise only known from smartphones? The mobile SuPCIS-L8 client Ueeze from S&P Computersysteme GmbH now makes this wide range of functions possible for users in intralogistics - an ideal basis for the digital warehouse. This has a long tradition at S&P. After all, the first mobile application from S&P was already designed for touch screens. 1996: 10 years before the introduction of the iPhone. This already high standard is now being continued and refined once again.

The user interface continues to place special emphasis on functional design and ergonomics for the best possible user experience: the images, dashboards and colour concepts available on larger screens are now also available on mobile devices. Colour-coded charts such as bar charts or pie charts with progress indicators. Responsive yet adaptive? Until now you had to switch on the rotation lock on mobile devices because your application did not allow rotation? Especially if the mobile client is also used for logistical desktop applications, the width of the rotated screen can be used to display things that would not be visible - or only too small - in portrait format. You simply rotate the device and the application adapts to the changed screen size. Are you using a different device with a different resolution? The application adapts automatically. But colour, font size and display format can be individually adjusted to the user's preferences. Another special feature: integrated voice support. The platform is initially available for Android and iOS.

Easier use of integrated cameras
In many cases, photographic documentation is indispensable, especially in the area of goods receiving or returns processing. The application has several features that make the integration and use of photos even easier. For example, a photo of a product can be taken at the touch of a button, linked to the master data by scanning the item number and stored in the WMS. At the same time, photos taken can be labelled or marked directly in the application, damaged areas on the product can be highlighted or comments can be added directly.
In practice, this new range of functions and the associated possibilities offer real added value for the user: more extensive dialogues can now also be operated easily, quickly and intuitively in several languages while on the move. In addition, warehouse employees - from order pickers to control centre staff to logistics managers - have access to all the information they need for their work anywhere and at any time, and can simultaneously carry out all the interactions they would otherwise have carried out on the stationary computer. The new mobile client of SuPCIS-L8 leads to increased mobility and efficiency in the warehouse and also offers a stable and performant basis that is scalable and adaptable in the long term.

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