Mobile in the warehouse: warehouse management with all devices

Almost all of us use content privately on different devices - whether smartphone, tablet or laptop - and expect apps and applications to be accessible always and from everywhere. In doing so, we want the same user-friendliness and the same appealing user interface. Why should it be any different in warehouse management?

Modern warehouse management software must be just as available on mobile devices as it is on the computer. And best of all, it should look good! Our developers thought the same and developed a mobile client for our warehouse management software SuPCIS-L8. This means that SuPCIS-L8 looks good on all devices and can be operated optimally - even the control station with clearly visualized current data can be used on the smartphone!

How does this work? With an identical code basis for mobile and stationary clients, the user interface and dialogues automatically adapt to all mobile devices commonly used in intralogistics - whether mobile terminals or wearables from the industrial or consumer sector. The new SuPCIS-L8 client also supports common operating systems such as Android and iOS. All the advantages of the intuitive user interface, which could already be operated by touch, are retained and have been optimised in the new mobile client for even better usability.

Logistics control centre

The mobile SuPCIS-L8 Client opens up great possibilities for every employee in the warehouse: employees in order picking can see at a glance what needs to be done with more user-friendly dialogues adapted to the devices and save valuable time. Shift supervisors can better assess immediate workloads and schedule workers accordingly with the SuPCIS-L8 Cockpit, which graphically and clearly displays current data from the warehouse. A control centre employee or warehouse manager can also call up an overview of all processes in the warehouse on his smartphone at any time and from anywhere.



Even in the warehouse, no one has to do without clear and user-friendly software and the times when stable and high-performance business software did not look appealing and only trained "experts" could handle it are long gone!

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Christoph Neef