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With SuPCIS-L8, complaints management remains transparent and efficient!

Almost every company - no matter what industry or size - is confronted with complaints from various sources in its warehouse. The challenge in day-to-day business is to process the complaints as quickly as possible in order to ensure the satisfaction of customers, suppliers, subsidiaries and transport service providers. The reasons for a complaint can be of a very different nature and also depend on the individual business model - examples are: the delivered goods are defective or in a poor condition, the goods were delivered incorrectly or too late, a collection was not processed or a delivery note is missing.

Efficient complaints management requires data

With the aim of processing complaints as quickly as possible, transparent complaint management is required. First of all, the complaint must be recorded in the system. Regardless of whether the complaint was made by the supplier, the customer or a transport service provider: our WMS SuPCIS-L8 offers efficient support for the service team in logistics so that time-consuming documentation in Excel lists is a thing of the past. In order to be able to process the complaints successfully, information on the individual complaint orders is required. Each complaint order receives a separate complaint number when it is entered, under which, for example, the reason for the complaint, the source of the complaint, as well as other qualifying characteristics and the status can be traced at any time.

Complaint handling in practice

With the help of the generated complaint orders, each claimed item can be quickly identified in the WMS in relation to the item as well as the underlying delivery item. By entering the order and item number, SuPCIS-L8 can automatically assign the other information from the original order, such as customer name, sender address and the complaint number and type. The next step is to classify the complaint and decide on the next steps. The way in which a complaint is then resolved always depends on the respective company and its product portfolio. However, to give you a brief insight into the various complaint solutions, here is an example scenario from practice: too little material was delivered. The solution: the missing quantity is immediately delivered and recorded in the WMS in connection with a stock correction.

Seeing and using complaints as an opportunity

Every complaint arises from a defective or incorrectly performed service, which must be avoided in the future. Our WMS SuPCIS-L8 therefore offers users the possibility to create daily statistical evaluations of the complaints, if required, and in this way to obtain an overview of the performance in the warehouse. "How does the complaint rate relate to the pick positions? At which point in the warehouse do the errors occur?" or "What were the reasons for the complaints?" - the answers to these questions are provided by the statistics stored in the WMS and make it possible for every user to derive appropriate measures and implement them in practice. This is because, especially when dealing with complaints, it is not only about solving the customer's complaints efficiently and satisfactorily, but also about making the causes transparent in order to learn from the mistakes.

The advantages of complaints processing with the WMS SuPCIS-L8: the transparent administration and documentation of data and transparent processing of complaints not only significantly reduces the effort involved in complaints management and every employee in the warehouse has an insight into the current status of individual complaints orders at all times. At the same time, the system makes it possible to establish a connection between the complaint and the person who caused it, or even the resulting costs, and to identify and eliminate potential sources of error for the future. After all, smooth complaints processing always leads to a positive relationship with the customer!

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