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Efficient and transparent yard and gate management: with the WMS SuPCIS-L8

Waiting or queuing trucks in the yard can block the entrances and exits and thus disrupt the flow on the premises. Almost every day, goods arrive at the warehouse or leave the logistics centre again - there is often a lot of loading and unloading traffic. In order to ensure a smooth rotation of goods at this point, it is all the more important to keep an eye on the status of the individual gates and thus optimally utilise the availability of resources. Of course, Excel lists can also be used for this purpose, but at this point there is no connection to the data available in the WMS, which is so important and provides an all-encompassing insight.

Successfully mastering yard and goal management

The gate and yard management integrated in SuPCIS-L8 provides the user with a transparent overview of the availability of the individual gates at all times. In practice, each truck can be announced manually in advance in the system or deposited after arrival at the gate. Reservations for upcoming incoming or outgoing goods at the gates are also possible via the dashboard. At the same time, further details such as the duration of occupancy, the planned arrival or departure of a truck, the vehicle registration number, the load or pre-announcement number and the occupancy type (e.g. entrance) can be viewed and displayed here. Based on this information, the system takes into account and visualises if there are overlaps or overbookings of the individual gates due to several actual and planned occupancies, which can lead to delays in the handling of the logistical processes.

The arriving and departing trucks as well as the occupancy of the individual warehouse gates are usually to be considered independently of each other. However, there is also a combined process. It may well be that truck A arrives at gate 1 and the loaded goods are unloaded. After the goods have been successfully unloaded, it is possible at this point that the truck at gate 1 - before it departs again - will have goods loaded again. This process is also managed by the WMS SuPCIS-L8.

The efficient coordination of all processes at the gates and in the yard with the gate and yard management in SuPCIS-L8 enables users to plan more efficiently for loading at the gates, thus shortening the throughput and waiting times of the transport vehicles on the factory premises, increasing transparency and optimising the logistics processes overall.

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