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Hazardous substances in the warehouse? Easy handling thanks to integration of warehouse management software

Hazardous substances are processed or stored in a wide variety of industries and numerous companies. The handling of such substances within the warehouse, the further processing or the transport to the customer pose particular challenges for the logistics of many companies. In this context, there is also the compliance with legal requirements such as, for example, prohibitions on combined storage, which particularly affect the storage of such substances.
In many companies, hazardous substances are moved in the warehouse without the support of software. Employees often use lists or other "offline solutions" to keep track of storage bans and total quantities of hazardous substances. Often, these aids lack a connection to the existing WMS. The result: the search for storage locations has to be carried out manually and laboriously by an employee.

Keeping an eye on hazardous substances in the warehouse
Our WMS SuPCIS-L8 provides functional support here through hazardous substance management integrated in the system. In practice, there are often materials and substances that may not be stored together or require special treatment and in this context must be stored in specially designated zones. The CLP Regulation provides the framework for the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures. The characteristics used for this can be assigned to the products concerned in SuPCIS-L8, such as the hazardous substance class and the place of storage. If necessary, this data can be maintained in the system to ensure safe storage of the hazardous substances. In this way, it is also known within the warehouse in which storage location which type of hazardous substance is located and it is possible in this way to assess the hazard potential in the warehouse at any time by means of so-called fire brigade lists. Further options such as automatic printing of transport documents, labelling with QL labels and printing of goods pictograms can also be configured in SuPCIS-L8.

Hazardous materials management with SuPCIS-L8 provides users with a control function of the entire process, a transparent supply chain and the best possible handling of their hazardous materials in the warehouse. In addition, it is possible to react to changing specifications and (further) transport the hazardous goods according to type and dispatch. The potential for danger in the warehouse is reduced through correct storage!

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