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Success factor in Industry 4.0: Cooperation of S&P and ProGlove for more innovation in the warehouse!

The digital era and Industry 4.0 are characterised by connectivity, data, machines and technology. But the digital transformation in the warehouse can only fully unfold its effect if it takes people with it and adapts. The significant interplay between hardware and software can be broken down well to a partnership cooperation, as has also existed for several years between ProGlove, the provider of intelligent gloves, and S&P Computersysteme GmbH. S&P has been a Gold Partner since 2019 and is thus able to offer its customers the entire ProGlove product portfolio.

Through the partnership, S&P can draw from the full range: demo devices can easily be provided via the logistics software provider, thus ensuring a fully comprehensive and best possible consultation of the customers. Thanks to the simple integration in SuPCIS-L8, not only ergonomics and haptics can be evaluated during a test, but also different application possibilities can be tested in practice. The cooperation with ProGlove also offers the certainty of being able to fall back on the know-how of the product experts from ProGlove at any time in case of technical questions.

With its products, ProGlove, a provider of industrial wearables, pursues the goal of making logistics, especially in the manufacturing industry, faster, safer and more ergonomic - and thus helping employees to be more efficient. True to the motto: "Equip your employees with scanning solutions that get the job done!", the company produces industrial wearables - according to the manufacturer, the lightest, smallest and most robust wireless barcode scanners in the world - that provide your employees with actionable information for more efficient workflows. For employees in logistics: a significant reduction in workload.

Stay connected: Use strong connections and jointly leverage potential
When a WMS and a glove make the warehouse more efficient: together with ProGlove, S&P has found a standardised solution and extended its platform with the ProGlove API. The direct connection of a wearable, such as the ProGlove Mark Display, to the WMS SuPCIS-L8 from S&P Computersysteme GmbH ensures efficient order processing overall, which can be supported by fast and ergonomic data entry with the devices.
Progress also means always breaking new ground: "Our ergonomic hardware and S&P's flexible software combine seamlessly to create an efficient overall solution. The cooperation with S&P is uncomplicated at all times - we appreciate this very much and look forward to further projects with anticipation," says Alexander Kapp, Senior Channel Sales Manager at ProGlove. "We have had a close partnership with ProGlove since 2019. It is always a pleasure for me to present ProGlove products to our customers, to test them together and to experience the move into the warehouse. The experts from ProGlove are always there to advise us - a partnership at eye level. I am looking forward to further cooperation," says Ingrid Rosner (Business Development Manager at S&P Computersysteme GmbH).

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