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A strong connection: long-term partnership of S&P and Zebra Technologies!

A warehouse management system like SuPCIS-L8 plays an increasingly important role in modern warehouse management: but especially when it comes to integrating mobile data collection into the logistics solution, you have to rely on the use of suitable technology and the flawless interaction with the warehouse management system.
The smooth interaction of hardware and software can be well broken down to a partnership cooperation, as it has also existed since 1996 between Zebra Technologies, one of the leading suppliers of hardware and software for data acquisition and processing, and S&P Computersysteme GmbH.

S&P has been working with Zebra Technologies (then Symbol) since 1996 and has since been able to offer its customers the entire Zebra Technologies product portfolio. Thanks to this partnership, S&P can draw from the full range: S&P customers are given the opportunity to test the manufacturer's devices in advance as part of a loan. Due to the easy integration into SuPCIS-L8, not only ergonomics and haptics can be evaluated during a test, but also different application possibilities can be tested in practice. Especially when new equipment is needed or an acquisition is imminent, it helps to be able to try out the equipment first in order to weigh up: "Does the equipment suit me? Does the device meet all the requirements I need?" before making a final decision on an expensive purchase. This ensures that customers receive the fullest and best possible advice.
S&P is also equipped with demo devices at the trade fair appearances of the logistics software provider in order to be able to give interested visitors a first insight into the device range of its partner Zebra Technologies. In addition, S&P also uses the devices in-house to test further developments and optimizations of the warehouse management software SuPCIS-L8. Customers and interested parties can test demo devices and receive advice at S&P's Warehouse Management Factory in Leinfelden-Echterdingen.

Zebra Technologies, a provider of data collection and processing hardware and software, is dedicated to making logistics faster, safer and more ergonomic for a wide range of industries, from retail to healthcare to hospitality - helping employees work more efficiently. True to its motto: "Everyone and everything: Visible, connected and optimized!", the company produces innovative data collection and identification solutions that provide your employees with actionable information for more efficient workflows and empower them in their jobs. For employees in logistics: a significant reduction in workload.

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