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Real-time tracking and increased transparency in the warehouse with SuPCIS-L8 and RFID - Part 2/2

The initial situation: the combination of SuPCIS-L8 and RFID enables real-time tracking and increased transparency in the warehouse. Answers to questions such as: "Where are the goods at the moment? What goods have actually arrived?" or "Is anything missing from the stock?" are thus possible quickly and easily.

Do you still remember? In our last article, we already introduced you to the variant of individual part identification. This time we would like to introduce you to another implementation option, namely the combination of SuPCIS-L8 and RFID technology as a variant of container identification:

In the case of container identification in the example of the pharmaceutical industry, each tub is equipped with two transponders in order to ensure unique identification of the tub by means of a tub ID. The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) knows which article is currently being produced. In this context, the RFID reader in the warehouse is responsible for the identification of the tubs and reads out the respective tub ID by means of radio frequencies. After the individual tubs are filled with goods, an automatic marriage of the tub ID with the SU number takes place, which remains in all systems until it is actually resolved by scanning at the system.

Regardless of the form and characteristics of the system solution that is used here: the combination of RFID technology and our WMS SuPCIS-L8 ensures a variety of synergy effects in both applications - the identification of parts or containers. In addition to faster processes in the warehouse and optimum availability of goods, higher customer satisfaction is achieved at the same time. Information in real time, higher theft protection and potentials for increasing turnover are also added.

For whom does the application make sense? Regardless of the industry - the application is generally suitable, taking into account the technical restrictions, wherever you want to register goods quickly and easily and track their path.

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