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Fully automatic packaging system in the logistics center of Lampenwelt GmbH with SuPCIS-L8

Our long-standing customer Lampenwelt is Europe's largest one-stop shop for lamps and luminaires, serving 4 million customers in 17 European countries. "The mission of our company is: Enhance People's Wellbeing. We strive to fulfil our customers' wishes and at the same time continuously reduce the ecological footprint of our products, their packaging and logistics. That is why we decided to implement a highly efficient and innovative packaging system from Quadient," says Thomas Rebmann, founder and CEO of Lampenwelt GmbH.

Equipped for future growth with reduced environmental footprint

The facility was commissioned in the company's modern logistics centre in the heart of Germany and packs, seals and labels Lampenwelt's products in record time. This allows Lampenwelt to meet increasing demand quickly and on time, even during peaks in demand, without reaching capacity limits.

In practice, orders that can be processed via the fully automatic packaging machine (Quadient) must first qualify for this form of processing using control attributes. The information on the qualification characteristics, such as volume and size of the goods, is stored in the WMS SuPCIS-L8 and decides which material flow the order passes through. If an order qualifies for processing via the fully automatic packaging machine, this is automatically stored in the warehouse management system so that the subsequent logistical processes can be adapted accordingly. In general, the following applies here: those customer orders that are packed via the fully automatic packaging machine are made available to the operational employees - immediately after they have been picked - at the machine's workstation. The corresponding order data is displayed to the employees via the monitor on the machine. As soon as the goods can enter the fully automatic packaging machine, this is initiated by pressing the "Start" button in the Quadient system. The consignment is then weighed, which is a final quality check of the consignments. The fully automatic packaging machine receives the data required for weighing via the WMS SuPCIS-L8. The request for the shipping label for application is also made by SuPCIS-L8.

In the event that an order is disqualified for processing via the fully automatic packaging machine due to insufficient order attributes, the order is routed through the goods and material flow process, which is also integrated in the WMS, and processed via the manual packing station.

Efficient dispatch processing through the fully automatic packaging machine and the WMS SuPCIS-L8

The fully automatic packaging machine increases the sustainability of the entire logistics process. The machine uses precise 3D measurement to tailor the carton to the item to be shipped - the packaging becomes smaller and requires less space during transport. Cardboard consumption is reduced and since the product is optimally protected by the precisely fitting packaging, filling material such as bubble wrap can be completely dispensed with. By integrating Quadient's fully automatic packaging system with the WMS SuPCIS-L8, Lampenwelt has a transparent and reliable database for a smooth material flow in the warehouse at all times.


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