Customer Success Manager

Christoph Feeser

My name is Christoph Feeser and I come from the Stuttgart area. I am 33 years young and have been working as a Customer Success Manager at S&P Computersysteme GmbH in Stuttgart since July 2019. Before joining S&P, I worked for many years as a marketing manager at an agency for sales and event marketing and then as a senior project manager at a digital agency in the field of marketing and IT projects.

In the 2 years that I have been working for S&P, I have learned so much about the industry that my initial "scepticism" about the logistics industry has turned into real enthusiasm.
In my role as Customer Success Manager, I have been able to work on a wide variety of exciting projects, meet great people and, of course, gain a lot of experience - it's crazy how fast time flies - here's to the next two years and more...

All Day long: "100% free from ..."

Have a look at the calendar and my mails - check. Check the latest newsletters and news on the social media channels - Check. Set priorities for the day - Check. But isn't there something else missing? Right, anyone who knows me knows - and at this point even I had to smile a little - nothing works without a coffee in the morning - so we don't waste any time. In order to coordinate with each other in the team, we conduct our joint Daily Stand-Up throughout the day to briefly discuss the status of the projects.

Exciting and, above all, diverse - that's a good way to summarise the tasks in my position as Customer Success Manager. I am in charge of very different projects and areas. In short, the typical workday or classic project work that you might expect from a project manager rarely exists in my field of activity. Sometimes I develop and define new processes and methods together with our project teams - sometimes I accompany the introduction of new tools for customer service. In addition, I am responsible for the marketing team and also form the sales team at S&P with other colleagues - I think you can already see at this point how varied and different my tasks are, so that they cannot be easily compared with each other. Fortunately, my previous experience helps me in many ways with the tasks ahead.

For example, I'm currently busy with the relaunch of our website. In addition to new content and a completely new structure, we naturally also wanted to give the whole thing a new coat of paint. So we developed a new colour concept together with the management and gradually approached the desired image. We also took an iterative approach to developing new content. First, we used personas to define the target groups and then developed the specific content. This was very time-consuming - but we believe it was worth it! Because the different interest groups should find exactly what is interesting for them. Specific to their individual needs - actually just like our Warehouse Management solution 😉

Of course, one should not think that all these tasks belong to a Customer Success Manager. But generally speaking, as a Customer Success Manager you should always have the needs of the customer in mind. In addition to professional knowledge, soft skills such as empathy, curiosity, creativity and communication skills are important - because without the right feeling for the customer and the company, it is difficult to reconcile both.

S&P Computersysteme GmbH as an employer

S&P Computersysteme GmbH offers every employee the opportunity to help shape things themselves. It is absolutely desirable to bring in one's skills and let improvements flow into the company - be it new tools or processes that can be improved - everyone is invited to actively participate at any time. But in addition to the work, the pleasure must not be neglected. So, with a smile on my face, I can happily say that we always have a lot of fun together in the team, regularly strengthen our laughing muscles and sometimes don't take ourselves too seriously. Because a little fun is a must, and I'm definitely always up for a laugh. We live this culture in the entire S&P team and in a way act like one big family. Everyone is welcome and an important part of the S&P team.

The real highlight of my time at S&P so far: logistics - colourful and highly interesting. Until I joined S&P, logistics was completely unknown to me and I probably would never have dreamed that this area would excite me so much. Today I can say that S&P has not only aroused my curiosity, but also lets me get to know new things again and again. Because no matter which logistics centre I see: many things are similar, yet different at the same time. For me, the partnership-based cooperation with our customers is particularly important. Since logistics makes up a significant part of the company's success, this cooperation in partnership and trust is one of the main things that makes working in the logistics industry special. Not to forget the new technologies and automation solutions on the market - it's super fascinating to see that what used to be seen in the latest science fiction flick is now reality or will shape the logistics industry in 1-2 years.

#Letstalkaboutyourhobby - Christoph goes full throttle!

"There is only one gas, full throttle!" - whether on the motorbike or on the slopes, I love the challenge and always like to test my limits. Both motorcycling and winter sports mean one thing to me above all: switching off, letting everyday life rest and focusing completely on yourself. As a child from Swabia, I grew up with winter sports, so to speak. I was already skiing at the age of 3 - even if not quite as steadfast as I am nowadays. A few years later, the two boards became a snowboard - and so today I am a fascinated winter sports enthusiast, looking for the "perfect ride" every season and, of course, lots of deep snow. Another hobby of mine where I discovered my passion is motor sports. On the race track, I'm fascinated by the incredibly impressive motorsport atmosphere - the moment when you drive out of the pits onto the track where Michael Schumacher was once the first German Formula 1 driver to win: it's simply magnificent and breathtaking at the same time!